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Game of Thrones Map (Season 7) Poster HD with Continents

Game of Thrones Map HD – Game OF Thrones is one of the most prestigious shows of HBO comes every year with new exciting seasons which bring thrill, Drama, and action with it and because of which its ability to receive millions of followers all over the world. Every season of Game Of Throne is awaited much then its previous one and make it one of the most awaited as well as most viewed TV fantasy drama series.

Game of Thrones official map: GOT have so much Die Hard fans they want every glimpse of the show as they keep looking for the Game Of Thrones cast, Got actors, Got cities and Places as well as GOT maps yes people often search for GOT S7 maps as we all know that Game of Thrones is an example of perfect screenplay and direction because of the hard work of the makers of the show who have created word of Game of Thrones and the world need map so did GOT and they made maps of Game Of Thrones so perfect that you can’t even think that in reality it never existed neither did those cities in Game Of Thrones. You can find some of the Game Of Thrones Maps Images bellow:

Game of Thrones Map Poster

Game Of Thrones world Map has been published by HBO for one of its most prestigious show Game of Thrones where the map consists of world geographical information and the cities in it and it keeps getting updated.

There is yet another year for Game of Thrones SEASON 8 and fans started looking for its map but now we are talking about Game Of Thrones Season 7 map where the team put a lot of efforts to has put together incredibly detailed maps on the internet and in the show. We brought interactive Game of Thrones map HD for the fans who want to take a close view of Came of Thrones map HD and it will give fans a better understanding of the known world.

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High-resolution game of thrones world map explained: This is the explanation of High resolution of Game Of Thrones map in simple words to make it simple for fans as the map of Got is quite confusing as well as not come up with the clear information because of which we are here for explanation of Game Of Thrones Map:

Game of Thrones Map

Game of Thrones Map

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Game of Thrones Map with Continents:

  • Essos:

Regions: Valyrian peninsula, Slaver’s Bay, Free Cities, Dothraki Sea and Red Waste.

Essos is extended towards the east for approximately thousands of miles and it is been Separated from Westeros by the Narrow Sea as it is quite larger than Westeros but seems like quite less populated then it. In the west of the continent, there lie 9 cities while slavers bay is located in the south region. And the other major cities in this continent are Dothraki Sea is ruled by the tribal, in Jade Sea lies Qarth and the fabled, Yi Ti is in East and others.Westeros:

  • Westeros:

Regions: The North, North of the Wall, The Riverlands, The Crownlands, The Westerlands, The Iron Islands, The Vale and The Stormlands and the Reach.

Westeros in the map of Game Of Thrones is one of the most important continents of the series where all the major cities lie. Westeros  in GOT map lays in the west of the known world where the wall stretches for 300 miles separate the lands north of the Wall from the rest of Seven Kingdoms westros might be bit smaller than Essos but here lies the 9 major region in there and to see that you can download Game of Thrones map poster from our website..

  • Sothoryos:

Regions: Basilisk Point, Naath and Isle of Tears.

Unlike Map of westeros and essos, Sothoryos is a bit little unknown which is located in the south of Essos and quite far from summer sea. It is one of large continent but only covered with deserts and jungles and with 3 regions known as Basilisk Point, Naath and Isle of Tears. It is said that dangerous animals are there as it is not been explored much in the show and because of which we hardly know about this continent.

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Game of Thrones Maps Seven Kingdoms:

These are the Game of Thrones maps seven kingdoms and their rulers where the rulers keep on changing in Game Of Thrones all seasons but the kingdom of Game Of Thrones stands still as those seven Kingdom of GOT are:

Ruled by House Stark – Winterfell: “Kingdom of the North”.

Ruled by House Arryn – Eyrie: “Kingdom of the Mountain and the Vale”.

Ruled by Harren Hoare – Harrenhal. : “Kingdom of the Isles and the Rivers”.

Ruled by House Lannister – Casterly Rock: “Kingdom of the Rock”.

Ruled by House Durrandon – Storm’s End: “Kingdom of the Stormlands”.

Ruled by House Gardener – Highgarden: Kingdom of the Reach.

Ruled by House Martell – Sun spear: Principality of Dorne.

Game of Thrones Map Seven Kingdoms

Game of Thrones Map Seven Kingdoms

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