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Game of Thrones Myrcella Actress-talk about her death in Season 5

This might not be the first non-book death in the show as Myrcella Baratheon hasn’t died yet in the book writer George RR Martin titled “A book of Ice and Fire”.
In one of the interviews with at MCM London, Nell Tiger Free who represent the character of Myrcella Baratheon (only daughter of Cersei Lannister) told that her death was planned be-be more repulsive than what actually aired.
While explaining her death she said that her elimination from the show was intended to me more explosive as she was provided with those mashed up bananas with some color added to it t make it look like a Blood stained and her brain was supposed to be the blast all over the ship. This could sound weird but this was the reason and this was the reason she was excited regarding her death.
At the end makers killing all suspense portrayed her death as her life was “Sweet and Simple” as the makers want to reflect her life in hr death which is some rare thing on Game Of Thrones Deaths but she died while blood ran through her nose into the arms of his blood Father.
It may be not the very first time that somebody who is still living in the form of words in the book but have died on the show as the show is based on the book. But you can say that it is one of the most surprising deaths of the show as nobody would have expected Myrcella Baratheon the sweet lady to die this soon it become more surprising because it wasn’t causing repulsion as we have expected something more from her in the show but the fate of the actors totally depend upon the makers.
Myrcella Baratheon was killed in the finale of the game of Thrones season 5 by the mysterious poison by Mother’s Mercy. She gave that poison to Myrcella while having a peg while her departure as one can say Mother’s Mercy did this to avenge her lover Oberyn Martell death in kings landing and she blame Cersei Lannister for his death, so she killed her only daughter by poison.

Updated: June 13, 2017 — 9:11 am

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