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Latest Game of Thrones S07 Teaser Reveals Daenery’s Battle Footage

One can bet on the curiosity for the Seasons seven of Game of Thrones as the millions of fan all across the globe are waiting for the season like anything else as one can’t stay out of it without knowing what next. As we know because of some real fan following GOT season 7 has become a real most awaited show on History of Television series as Season Six of Game of Thrones was recorded with 23 million views per episode on an average which is really some amazing numbers for any of Television Series.

For the fans who want to know about the what next In Game Of Thrones we are here with some of the future prediction of GOT and on set pictures of Game of Thrones as for now, it’s time for Daenerys to reveal some of for her fans.

Last week on a show’s costume design HBO have released a second behind the scenes teaser where you can show makers are focusing on the side effects as the video features Daenerys Targaryen where she in her show’s costume was lying on some object (probably they are trying to capture her with her giant dragon for the future special effects) as it was the second behind-the-scenes look released officially.

Taking a look with Pessimist view this image also not reveals anything as one can clearly say that it was the shoot for Daenerys riding her dragon and we all have already seen it in the trailer that Dragon going to blow the hell of fire this time which means obviously their mother going to on their top.

Special effects supervisor Sam Conway; during the video explained about his involvement in the Industry where he said that his Dad was in the same business as he was an effects supervisor for Monty Python. He talking about Game of Thrones special effect told that it is technically challenging to make something look good and real at the same time but he and his team tried their best he said they handle: Gas, The Wind, Water, Smoke and every engineering work.

Every special effect on the show and gave their best now it time for viewers to judge them. Sam Conway in his statement reveals that how hard they work to make everything look real and much real risk involved behind it.

The premiere of the first episode of the Game of Thrones will be on 16th July 2017.

Updated: June 13, 2017 — 12:41 pm

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